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OC-12D, Blonder Tongue Passive Combiner, 5-1000 MHz, 12 Ports

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Price: $189.20
Item Number: OC-12D
Manufacturer: Blonder-Tongue
Manufacturer Part No: OC-12D
The OC-12D is a professional quality, passive output combiner. This unit is designed for use in headends to combine the outputs of multiple modulators and processors. The OC-12D employs radiation-proof passive components that provide excellent reliablity and performance. The OC-12D features high isolation between ports and a low net combining loss from each of the broadband inputs (5 to 1000 MHz). A 20 dB test port is provided for signal monitoring without disrupting service.

  • -20 dB Test Port
  • High Isolation, Low Net Combining Loss
  • Rack Mountable - 1 EIA (1.75") Rack Space,(OC-16 is 2 Rack Spaces 3.5")
    • RF
      • Number of Inputs
        • 12
      • Frequency Range (MHz)
        • 5-1000
      • Flatness - Relative to Slope (dB)
        • 0.4
      • Slope (dB)
        • 1.5
      • Insertion Loss - Individual Port
        • 40 to 450 MHz
          • 18
        • 450 to 1000 MHz (dB)
          • 18
      • Isolation - Adjacent Ports
        • 40 to 450 MHz (dB)
          • 38
        • 450 to 1000 MHz (dB)
          • 38
      • Isolation - Non-Adjacent Ports
        • 40 to 1000 MHz (dB)
          • 65
        • Test Port Level (dB)
          • -20
      • Impedance - All Ports (O)
        • 75
      • Input Return Loss
        • 40 to 450 MHz (dB)
          • 20
        • 450 to 1000 MHz (dB)
          • 20
      • Output Return Loss
        • 40 to 450 MHz (dB)
          • 16
        • 450 to 1000 MHz (dB)
          • 16
    • Mechanical
      • Dimensions (W x H x D)
        • 19.0 x 1.75 x 15.24 in., 483 x 44 x 387 mm
      • Weight
        • 6.95 lbs., 3.18 kg
    • Connectors
      • RF Input & Outputs
        • "F" Female
      • Test Port
        • "F" Female


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